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Muraldo D.C.

Hackney . Since 1995

How the company started

Back in 1995 when Caroline was working a a programme co-ordinator for a Hackney Community Centre, she decided to hold a weekend celebrating Caribbean culture as part of her programming, inviting established Caribbean performers to share their creativity such as the wonderful late Jackie Guy. This event was to include a number of pieces specially choreographed by Caroline herself. In turn she needed to give her group of dancers a name. They suggested that her surname was usual and would be a good name for the company and having been always appreciated her name she added D.C. to it, not wishing to follow the then common trend by merely adding ‘dance company’ and so Muraldo D.C. was born!

Caroline Muraldo

Caroline Muraldo BA (hons) MA the artistic director of the Christian dance company Muraldo D.C specialises in traditional dances from both Africa and the Caribbean in addition to biblical based dances. Caroline is an experienced professional dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, who incorporates storytelling, folk singing and Caribbean dance games as part of her regular dance work with primary schools while offering the opportunity to experience traditional Caribbean dances to older age groups. She has sung bands acts and writes. Her first dance article published in Dance Theatre Journal (2003) was considered to be an important contribution and received much positive feedback. Caroline is also designs and makes a range of items ranging from costumes to props.

Mission & Vision

Muraldo D.C. is a Christian dance company, which mainly utilises traditional African and Caribbean dance forms. The company is committed to portraying everyday life from a Christian perspective, along with taking every opportunity to promote the awareness and appreciation of black culture, with a particular emphasis on traditional Caribbean dance.

Company Members